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Character Education

We teach more than academics. Our Commit to Character program nurtures universal character traits that transcend racial, religious, socio-economic and cultural lines.

Our entire school works together to create a community that is welcoming and inclusive. The 10 character traits below are modeled, taught, expected, celebrated and practiced in our everyday actions.


We focus on different Character Traits each month.

September:   Caring
October:  Cooperation
November: Courage
December: Empathy
January: Honesty
February: Inclusiveness
March: Integrity
April: Optimism
May: Respect
June: Responsibility

Success Criteria for Student Recognition

Academic Achievement = ”Student In the Groove”

  • sets high expectations for her/himself;
  • desires successalways uses success criteria to achieve learning goals
  • asks for and uses feedback to improve work
  • completes work with attention to detail
  • uses the learning skills and work habits needed to succeed

Academic Improvement = “Student On the Move”

  • has a positive attitude towards learning; desires success
  • has a learning goal and uses success criteria to work towards the goal
  • accepts feedback to improve work; asks for help
  • always tries to do their best work
  • uses the learning skills and work habits needed to succeed

Good Character = “Character Kid”

  • uses kind words with friends and classmates
  • is inclusive – doesn’t let others feel left out
  • works well with others and helps others without being asked
  • is optimistic, honest and respectful
  • takes responsibility for actions