Kidney Clothes Fundraiser - Now until April 20th
Posted on 03/31/2023

Hey Blackbird families!

Its time to do your Spring cleaning and earn some money for our school! From now until April 20th bring your used clothes and textiles in garbage bags (clear if possible) to donate to the Kidney Clothes Foundation. All bags will be weighed and Assikinack Public School will earn money for each pound collected! Kidney Clothes will pick up all of the bags at Assikinack on Thursday, April 20th between 3:00 and 4:00pm.

Should you decide to drop off your items off directly at the Kidney Clothes Foundation, please be sure to label your bags with "Assikinack Public school - please add the weight to our fundraiser!"

Thank you for your support,

Assikinack PS and School Council